A Tier III Data Center in a Natural Disaster-Free Zone

With our safe and reliable cloud hosting infrastructure you will never have to worry about the downtime. Our hardware is sited in the Tier III certified C7’s data center located in a disaster safe zone in Salt Lake City, Utah. It provides sophisticated failover and disaster recovery capabilities to ensure a seamless operation of your cloud servers. The highly experienced staff will resolve any issues on site and provide a professional service 24/7/365.

C7′s Salt Lake City Data Center Features

  • Disaster safe geographic region (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)
  • Proprietary cold-aisle cooling technology
  • Tier III classification
  • SSAE 16, HIPAA, PCI compliance
  • High connectivity, BGP best path routing
  • High availability (N+1)
  • 24/7 video surveillance

What is a Tier III Data Center?

Tier classifications are given to the data centers by the Uptime Institute, the Global Data Center Authority committed to improving reliability and availability in the data center facilities. There are four tiers in this classification, the fourth being the highest one. Tier III facilities feature

  • 99.982% uptime (tier I—99.671%, tier II —99.749%).
  • No more than 1.6 hours of downtime per year (tier I—28.8 hours, tier II—22 hours).
  • N+1 redundancy with at least 72 hour power outage protection (tier I—no redundancy, tier II—partial redundancy in power and cooling).
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